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I made these pictures mainly for myself, for fun and to the purpose of getting a vision in my head into some form of 'reality' (so to speak). Some of the scenes are from my book (or, more accurately, the universe within which my book resides) others are simply my attempts at artistic expression. Enjoy!

basiliscus block_int borsini carrier downport flight gladius Tiami-Castle Harad-attack

gtdawn h_stadt hauptstadt imperator kay_001 kay_002 lenz hadronicitta_central shyashkovo4
kontur mars michelle luftwagen-1 luftwagen-2 nimbosus submersible sicae pinnace
scelest oryx oryxstereo tiamantium nimbosus2 nimb_2 panokontur pantiami pereg
sagitae sicapursuit cornufer natanawasi StarportTiami obscurus sternwulfen imp3 peregmap2
mezen kay_map baha_map tmt_map nimbosusmap Harad Tzarith Sandyx-WorldMap b5-1701d