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Empire of the Elves

Premise: A world almost identical to our own. This world is populated by elves, dwarves, trolls and spirits alongside humans. Magic works in this world. The laws of physics probably work as well but no-one ever studied physics here.

There are three basic types of magic:

Europe, Asia, Africa and all other continents are geologically and physically identical to our continents. However politically the world is alien. Rome is the main power here, but has been renamed Lehemaya.

The Lehemayan Empire encompasses the Mediterranean Sea and all the coastal regions around it, as well as Italy, Greece and Iberia - there are other smaller kingdoms surrounding it, all competing for control. The Lehemayan Empire maintains its status as a super power by making the smaller kingdoms fight each other under the pretext of keeping the balance of power.

Elves are the dominant species. They are users of magic and maintain their dominance by virtue of this magical talent, all other races are considered inferior.

In the mountainous regions: the Alps, Pennines and in the Carpathians live the Dwarves. They are non-magical and rely on their skills as artificers.

Humans don't live amongst the elves. They are considered inferior and subservient to the Elves and subject to their every whim, in some areas they are enslaved by the Elves, in others they are hunted for sport. In all, it is not a nice place for Humans. Any Human found with any magical talent is executed immediately - as this is a privelege fit only for the those of Noble Blood (i.e. Elves)

The wilder areas are full of creatures that we would call mythical: Dragons, Unicorns, Basilisks, etc.

Into this complex world of magic and intrigue is thrust a platoon of 21st Century UN Peacekeepers, complete with armoured vehicles and high tech weaponry, who whilst on assignment in the Middle East are somehow shunted into this twisted world. The only way to return is to invoke a Gate back to their own world but this involves the use of Demon Magic, which is a dilemma because of the Treaty. They need authority and they need material as well as the right location.

Then of course there is the fact that they appeared in one of the smaller kingdoms in "the Ukraine", whose inhabitants now feel that the balance of power is in their favour, when they discover these Humans, who have a talent never seen before - their technological skills.

The indigenous Humans look upon them as deliverers from bondage and expect to be saved.

So how would you cope with that situation?