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Parallel Threads

Parallel Threads, a premise for comic strip, novel/short story or even a film/TV series

Three explorers lost in a maze of parallel universes, searching for a way home.

A concept similar to "Doorways", with some additional details such as:

Time Travel

There may or may not be time travel involved, it's mainly parallel dimensional travel, and major events have reflections of varying degrees across all parallels, e.g. World War Two on our world caused nuclear devastation on many parallels of lower index at exactly the same time, and caused one man to lose his temper and shout obscenities on Prime.

NB: a lower index does not necessarily mean a lower tech level - indeed many industrialised parallels have lower indices than pre-industrial ones. it's all a question of ecology and balance.


Many parallels can be grouped into geographical locations, i.e.


In this multiverse there is a force of Parallel Police Officers who try to prevent trans parallel interference. The three protagonists are undercover, on the trail of terrorists who are selling high technology to low technology buyers (bad enough on our Earth, let alone across parallels!)


Going There

Trans parallel can be handled in different ways:


Possible ideas for scenarios/episodes/short stories/chapters include:


The following list is a (small) selection of works which all deal with parallel universe concepts to various degrees, some are directly linked to time travel, others are not. (as of about May 2001)

Written Media

(books and role playing games)

Visual Media


There are loads of links relating to Parallel Universes and Alternate Histories on the net, here are a few examples...

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