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Proximity Alert

Introduction The Station Puzzles Away Team
The Thing Bug Hunt Deep Space Nine The Second Attack
Infirmary Hunger Awake!  

Chapter Ten =/\= Awake!

One was awake. One hungered! One needed to feed upon blood, terror and souls. One reached out with One's mind, up into the crowd of mortals in the place they called the Promenade.

The mind's eye could see what one was looking for, a gentle soul and not a hardened warrior like the one called Kira! One reached out to her and tasted her mind.

Hira Narel stepped out of the Bajoran temple on the Promenade and gazed out into the starlit sky. The Cardassians came from the stars and enslaved her world for seventy years, but now they were gone, the station belonged to Bajor now, and her people could now walk among the stars, although things were getting dangerous again, with Klingons and Romulans now looming large in the stations future, along the the Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant.

The Promenade was her favourite place on the station, she loved to watch the stars in the sky, it made her feel as if she was walking with the Prophets of Bajor.

As she looked out through the viewport she became aware of darkness nearby. Some of the lights had gone out. She made her way towards her quarters, but somehow, at the back of her mind, there was a feeling that there was someone with her, following her but staying just out of reach. She looked round but saw nothing in the ... darkness? The lights had failed here also. She started to run down the corridor, as adrenalin surged through her veins, every so often she stole a glance behind her and saw nothing but a darkened corridor.

She reached her quarters, entered the room and locked the doors behind her. She stumbled to her bed and lay on her back, breathing heavily.

"Computer: lights."

The lights came on obligingly. She lay there, relieved in the bright light, relaxing, breathing deeply and closed her eyes. The room felt warm, balmy and humid, reminding her of hot summer nights on Bajor. She felt a breath of wind and opened her eyes. The lights had turned red! She sat up and cried out in surprise and fear and she stared at the open door.

Her heart was pounding, blood raced through her veins, there was a tightness around her and she could feel pressure on her upper arms. Suddenly she felt herself pulled back, her arms brought up over her headboard. Slowly she watched as her legs opened up of their own accord. She felt pressure on her shins, her thighs and her hips. It was almost as if there was someone on top of her, but she could neither see nor hear anyone. There was a stab of pain and a sound of cloth tearing. She felt claws rake across her breasts.

She felt something touch her breasts, her stomach and the insides of her thighs. Then she felt something touch her... there. It pushed into her, her hips squirmed and she writhed around in agony, it was hot, hard and sharp. It went deep into her, hurting her inside. She screamed and screamed as something unseen thrust in and out of her. Her final scream was cut short by a gurgling sound as she felt her abdomen torn open up to her sternum. The last thing she saw was her own body almost cleft in two, in a rather small pool of blood.


"How the hell did this thing get past the security perimeter?" Odo demanded, pacing back and forth in his office. In front of his desk stood Delaney, Qo'Sang and Suvak. "If this gets out there will definitely be a mass panic on the station."


To be continued

>This is as far as I got with it, but if you want any more email me and tell me what should happen next.

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