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November 2013 Updates to front page, CV, Portfolio and Gallery
September 2013 Various updates to Projects and Novel
November 2010 Started implementing CSS throughout the site
July 2010 It's been a while... but made changes to Portfolio and Scotland's Chronicle back issues pages
July 2008 Minor tweaks
October 2007 Some minor tweaks to a few links in some of the sections
February 2007 Front page reformatted
March 2006 Minor tweaks to CV and Links
November 2005 Updated the Family section with a 3rd new arrival: Iman
March - October 2005 Minor tweaks, new pics added
November 2004 Shifted hosts to Heart Internet
October 2004 Some low level tweaks, nothing major. Updated the Family section with some more pics of the kids.
June 2004 Some low level tweaks, nothing major. Updated my CV.
May 2004 Activated the email address for my website. Now you can email me at
January 2004 Slowed down the twinkling of the stars, now they're at one frame every two seconds, as opposed to 1 frame per second
December 2003 Updated the Links section. Streamlined the Portfolio> Section
November 2003 Not much has been happening on the website front, depite being in between jobs, never really had much time to myself. (I guess that's what happens when you have kids) Updated my. Shifted hosts for the site from Enterprise to EasySpace.
July 2003 It's been a while, what with switching jobs (twice) and a new arrival to the family. Added Sanaa Aaliyah (the aforementioned new arrival) to the Family section
June 2003 Updated the Gallery section
January 2003 Added a web-tracker to the site, giving a detailed statistical analysis to traffic on my site.
December 2002 It's been a while since I've had a chance to update the site. Added some items to the Portfolio and the Family sections. Had a little bit of hassle with Dreambook so I've changed the Guestbook again, hopefully this time it will work better
Updated my CV again
September 2002 Tidied up some of the links, making sure that cases match; which is why some of the links may have failed in the past.
Updated the Sitemap, getting away from the screen-image-map and going for the interactive-menu look. .
August 2002Following a message from Beseen about their shutting down, I removed references to the Bulletin Board (which nobody used anyway) and changed the guestbook from Beseen to Dreambook.
July 2002Updated to CV and Portfolio.
June 2002Registered my domain name.
May 2002 'What's New' section added to the website.
Proximity Alert pages added to the Project section
Closed off Library Data in the Novel section
Added first page to The Dark Secret of Castle Kernzeit
April 2002 Added Arif to the Kids section.
March 2002 Updated Links section.
February 2002 Added a link to So now some of the images I have created are available in the form of T shirts, mousemats and coffee mugs.
January 2002 Empire of the Elves added to the Projects section
Flight of the Peregrine added to the Projects section .
December 2001Sica and Sagitta added to the Novel section.
September 2001 Imperator added to the ID3 subsection in Gallery section.
December 2000Bulletin Board Added
Library Data added to Novel section.
September 2000updated cv.
June 2000Frame-based navigation replaced with current navigation system
December 1999Guestbook Added
November 1999Hit Counter added
October 1999Family Section Added
July 1999First Uploaded
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